I. Simulation

  1. GEneral NEural SImulation System.A very popular simulation package for neuron modeling.

II. CPG Implementations

  1. BIO-INSPIRED ROBOTICS: DIEES University of Catania- System and control group . This website has movies on a hexapod which uses a CPG for gait generation.
  2. Iguana-Robotics. This company has a CPG chip for bipedal locomotion!

III. Research

  1. Neuroscience for kids A very, very simple (kids) introduction to neuroscience.
  2. Eugene M. Izhikevich's homepage. His papers on neuron modelling are very well written.
  3. Prof. Martin Golubitsky's homepage at the University of Houston. His paper, Central Pattern Generators for Bipedal Walkers is a must-read.
  4. Prof. Jessy Grizzle's homepage at the University of Michigan. Has useful information on nonlinear control for bipedal locomotion.
  5. Andy Ruina's Biorobotics and Locomotion Lab webpage at Cornell. Has some awesome bipeds.
  6. Cal Robotics homepage. Homepage of the robotics club at UC Berkeley. Has information on walkers and other robots.
  7. MIT Leg lab homepage Marc Raibert's robots in the early 80s started it all.

IV. Miscellaneous stuff

  1. ODE Software for Matlab. A very useful set of tools from Rice University (includes the awesome pplane6, very useful for visualizing 2d phase portraits).
  2. Thunder Power sells Lithium Polymer batteries. We use the TP4200-2S2P (7.4 V, 4.2 Ah). We bought the battery and charger at Aeromicro.
  3. Lynxmotion homepage. Our first robot (RAPTOR's) body was built from their biped scout kit.
  4. Hitec Robotics - home of the RoboNova