This page contain any published papers as well as HOW-TO documents and other miscellaneous brain-dumps.
  • Spring 2005
    1. Here (2.2 MB) is our poster from the 2005 Berkeley EECS Research Symposium.
    2. Here is a copy of my M.S thesis that I submitted in May 2005: pdf (1 MB) (last update: May 2005).
  • Fall 2005
    1. Here is a first draft of the Xilinx Virtex-4 documentation by James Lin. It should give you a start on how to use Xilinx System Generator (a Simulink toolbox) to generate code for the Virtex-4 (the development board we use is the ML-403 from Xilinx).
  • Spring 2006
    1. Here is a document that I wrote on how to get started in roboBASIC (last update: March 2006).
    2. Here is a modified version of the RoboBASIC template program that comes with RoboNova. In this program, I add pushup functionality to the "F" key on the IR remote. I also interfaced the robot to Hitec's Optic 6 RC Unit
    3. This RoboBASIC program moves the left shoulder in a sinusoidal pattern (approx. 25 times). It demonstrates that the controller can hold huge amounts of data. Ideal for testing neural networks.