Here, you can download the SolidWorks model for our robot and other models we develop. You are free to use these parts in your own models, but please acknowledge the designers of the parts by having a link back to this webpage. We use SolidWorks 2005.

1. Cyclops Model

Instructions: Download and unzip the file below. You should get one folder (Model) with everything in it.

Designers: Spencer Ahrens and Jonathan Tay

The figure above shows a screenshot of the Cyclops SolidWorks model.

2. Yellow Robot Model

Instructions: Download (approximately 5.75 MB) and unzip the file below. You should get one folder (YellowRobotModel) with everything in it. Open the YellowRobot assembly. Unfortunately, the model we previously posted had referencing issues. We have fixed them by placing all parts in a single folder and referencing the assembly to use those parts (Thanks to Spencer for figuring this out, thanks to Tyler for spotting the problem and thanks to Abishek for telling me to zip it :) ).


  • Lexan Plates: Sanjay Nagarkar, Jonathan Tay, Christian Ueland
  • Servo Cap (shown on the right): Christian Ueland.
  • Servo internals, Raptor Assembly: Spencer Ahrens. We use the AWESOME HS-5475HB servos from Hitec.
  • Sheet Metal Parts: Jonathan Tay, Kris Matthews

The figure above shows the detailed modeling of the servo cap by Christian.

3. Simple Robot Model

This is a very simple model created by Spencer Ahrens that can be used for quick simulations.

For contact info, please click on the People link in the navigator bar.

The simple robot model created by Spence is shown above.